Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yoohoo Family!

Hey guys! It's been another awesome week! 
This week, Pday stands for Pioneer Day! Happy pday!!  


Today we had a special off campus activity and we got to go to the temple and the visitors center. It was so exciting. The Mexico MTC has these great big walls, so to get out we have to go through this gate. So I was singing "for the first time in forever" from Frozen and everyone was laughing at me. Sometimes I get in trouble because I'm not singing hymns. 

Like there's this President here and he drives around in this golf cart and every time he drives by me and my friend Hermana Burnham go "they see me rollin, they hatin" and then bust a gut laughing.
It's perfect. 

But anyway. Mexico is fabulous and colorful, as usual.The visitors center was gorgous, the statue of Christ always gets me. We were standing there and they asked us to introduce ourselves, where we were from, and where we were going. And everyone was all official about it, I felt like we were soldiers reporting to war. I stood up, "Hermana Bills. American Fork, Utah. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania." And I felt enlisted. It was so cool to have the statue of Christ up at the front like, "I've showed you the way to combat sin. Now go out and feed my sheep."
So legit. 
So hardcore.

Okay so here are some funny stories and random happenings from this past week.

First off, our teacher Hermano Garza is the cutest little Mexican of all time. We were talking to him one day and trying to figure out how tall he is and how tall his novia is. But they measure things so differently in Mexico so I stood up to compare myself to him and I'm pretty tall here in the CCM which is weird for me. 
But I stood up and he looked and me and was like, "Oh, Hermana. you are so high."
And me and my compaƱera just laughed so hard and explained to him that he can't say that. it doesn't translate directly over from Spanish. We told him what it meant when he told  me that and he just buckled over laughing. He apologized and said "You are tall, Hermana. you are Tall." 
But now whenever I say weird things in Spanish or do weird things he tells me, "Hermana, you are so high."
Like the other day when Hermana Burnham and I were talking about how we're going to make MOTAB dubstep and then do yoga to it and we learned how to say DROP THE BASS in Spanish and he told us that we were weird but... what are ya gonna do. 

So every Firday we have these service projects that we do. This week, we were taking these giant jugs of water to every house and edificio (what is the English word for this? I don't remember...) anyway, all around the CCM. But right as we were leaving to go do the project, it started raining and hailing so hard. I was like "Oh hail no." So we got to go in the back of this truck to deliver the jugs. The hermanas weren't doing a lot cause... well, cause we're women. And those were like 50 pound jugs. But somehow it ended up that our district leader and two other elders were jogging behind the truck in the rain and running the jugs to every house and the other elders weren't doing anything. I was just like... "really, guys? Three of you switch out." 
But none of them would! 
I was loosing so much patience so fast. But then instead of getting mad, I asked myself what Jesus would do in this situation and then I was like "He would lead by example." 
So I hopped out of the truck into the stupid, smelly Mexican rain and I jogged behind the truck and helped the other three elders deliver the jugs. They were so heavy I looked like a penguin waddling around. But at least I was contributing. I felt so happy after.
Then we skipped gym so I could shower.
Cause remember what I said about the Mexican rain being stinky?
Yeah. That ain't no lie. 

In other news, the virus is gone! Yay for a normally functioning digestive system. :)

Also, a bomb went off in the city on Saturday so that was nice. 

Here's another story about Hermano Garza (because we love him) So we were crying the other day cause he was leaving us (and we love him too much) and he was like "you all need to be so quiet. I have to go to the university" In his little Mexican accent. Love him. But there was wailing and gnashing of teeth. So He shut off the light and we were all so confused that we went quiet and he was like "Ha! You all cannot speak without the light!" Then he turned it back on and we cried out to him until he shut if off and we went silent again.
That went on for like 5 minutes. He had tears streaming down his face because he was laughing so hard. 

We have a good time here.

The original picture
Someone go to AFHS and find out where Brother Caspar served his mission and ask if he served with an Elder Cates and converted a Diego Reyes.
Cause that'd be so crazy. 
Also someone tell George Julian that we had corn dogs the other night for dinner and sang the song.
He will know what it means.

My "corn dog"
Also, we decorated our classroom door. I drew little cartoons of everyone and the elders colored in their ties and the sisters decorated their dresses and it's so cute. I love my district. They are so supportive. 
But speaking of drawing. My companion is a freaking artistic champion. She drew this picture of Christ that was spectacular. But then I was being all sarcastic and dumb and I was like "I bet I could draw it way better." so Hermana Burnham and I drew our own versions and we were laughing so hard. It was perfect. I included the pictures. 
Our district leader, Elder Shin, said mine looked like a corn dog. But I actually think mine is the best. 
Anyway! My time is up for the week. I just want you all to know how amazing this church is! It really is Christ's church, He is the leader. The gift of tongues is real. Miracles happen. This gospel is the most important gift anyone will ever receive. Of this I am sure. It blesses individuals, families, nations... the world. The Savior loves us and suffered for our sins and invites us all to come unto him, and I get to do that, too! For the next 18 months! 
I know that I am so far from perfect, but I love serving my Savior! He loves you all, as do I! 


Letters . . . anyone?

 If you guys want to send letters but don´t get them sent off before Saturday, please do not send them to the Mexico MTC. It takes about two weeks for them to get here.