Monday, March 23, 2015

Bills' and Talbot's Excellent Adventures: Part 2

What a week! 

I don't really have a lot to write this week. Things are going well, as per usual. There has been a nasty flu going around the mission and a lot of people have been getting that. I came down with it this week and it was pretty bad. I ended up losing quite a bit of weight and that wasn't very good! Especially since it hasn't quite warmed up yet! I need that flubber to keep my vitals nice and toasty. But alas... tis gone now. 
Maybe that's a blessing in disguise because we're hoping that it will start getting warmer and warmer. I've stopped wearing tights officially! So celestial legs are out and about. Brighter than the angel Moroni, I'm sure.

We did a lot of walking and tracting this week and so I finally feel like we got the real mission experience ;) The unkind people and the doors closing in your face. We weren't even looking for new investigators, either! we were looking for less actives! So that was kind of humorous. It's cool, though. Because it does make it quite easy to tell whom the Lord has prepared for us to work with. Being lead constantly by the spirit is something I never understood before my mission, and it's been a hard job to learn how to do it. Luckily I have a wonderful companion who is very good at doing just that! So she's teaching me so much! 

We went on an exchange this week the sisters from Fairview and I got to work with Sister Aston again. She is a little angel. We had such a good day working together. I love being able to be there and to help people out. :) Sister Talbot spent the day with Sister Zaugg in Fairview. 
It was a really good exchange but I am happy to be back with Sister Talbot. I love her so much! we have so much fun together quoting disney movies and laughing and talking about everything. We really opened up this week and talked about some deep stuff that we've been struggling with. It's amazing to have a companion that you can trust with whatever. Such a good feeling. I have been blessed with some incredible companions. 

We met a really cool less active member this week! She loves anime and is super funny. So hopefully we're going to start working with her. She was really nice to us and said that one of her goals was to lose weight this year. We invited her to come to Saturday sports with us! We do them weekly at the church with a bunch of people and it's been a lot of fun for us. So we committed her to come out to that with us. She said she couldn't make it this week, but that she'd try for next week. So... fingers crossed! 

Other than that... we were kind of down for the count all weekend. Things were really slow because we weren't doing very well. (Mostly me, but Sister Talbot was a little sick as well. Sunday was pretty bad cause I still wasn't feeling too hot. But I was in charge of giving a talk for sacrament meeting. It ended up going really well! People were so sweet! Someone even told me that they had taken notes!?  
We had both lunch and dinner appointments yesterday. Members are so incredibly nice. Then we swung by the hospital. Our investigator was checked in there the other day. Her blood sugar had apparently gone over 500! That's insane! So we stopped in with the Clarksons and Elder Clarkson gave her a priesthood blessing. It was something so incredible... the spirit was so strong.

But other than that, we had a pretty slow week! Just a couple of lessons taught. We're still working hard! All the prayers that we can get are greatly appreciated. 

I love all of you guys :) Mondays are the best when I get to hear from each of you and see what you've been up to! If you ever think I get bored about hearing the small little things that you've been doing, I don't!! So send the emails my way. ;)
Thanks for all you do! 

Love, Hermana Cuentas (Bills)