Monday, March 9, 2015

A Long Week . . . The Longest

We Love Abe!
So this week has been absolute madness. I don't even know how to keep my head on straight. 

I have three main things to talk about in this email. 

First off. Remember how I wrote about ice rain last week? Yeah. Not good. We had an awful experience with it this week. I mean, it was stupid and totally our fault that we even got stuck out in it. But it was still scary! 
Here's what happened.

We had a dinner appointment all the way out in the far reaches of our area with an awesome little family. It was raining quite a bit when we got there, but it was still pretty warm outside and so we weren't worried. On our way home, we knew that we'd be passing the Shearer's house (they are our favorite family.) And since Sister Jones didn't know if she'd be getting transferred, she asked if we could stop by. So, we swung by for a quick visit before heading back  home. By the time we were leaving the Shearers house, we realized that the roads were really icy. We didn't really know what to do. We said a quick prayer, asking for guidance, and felt impressed to keep moving forward so we did! But then we got to this spot where it was really hilly and the road was STRAIGHT ice, and we didn't know what to do. I got out of the car to scope out the situation, and it was looking pretty bleak. There was a little driveway to some apartments that went back into some parking... we decided that the only thing that we could do was to try to pull the car up into the driveway to get it out of the road, and then walk back to the Shearer's house. So, Sister Jones tried to pull up into the driveway, but the car started sliding backward... 
That was probably the most terrifying moment of my mission to date. I could just see the car go sliding down the hill with Sister Jones in it and I would be left standing at the top of the hill... helpless. But luckily (Praise the Lord) our car caught itself in the snow. 
So then we called for backup. Brother Shearer and his son Chad came with some ice melt to save us. We talked to the guy who owned the place and he said we could park there for the night/ Then we called our mission president and got permission to stay at the Shearer's house. So we ended up staying the night at their place. 
It was quite the adventure. My story can't really do it justice. 
I know that we were dumb and we should have just gone home when we saw all of the rain, but I'm just so grateful that the Lord was able to overlook our stupidity and protect everyone that was involved.

Alright. So there's our adventure for the week. 

We were also able to attend MLC this weekend. I love going to Pittsburgh. That's probably my favorite thing ever. I also love spending time with the other leaders in the mission. It reminds me that I have so much potential to learn and to grow. I see how amazing they all are and it just gets me stoked for the kind of missionary I want to be! 
We did MLC a little different than normal. We drove to Pittsburgh early Friday morning and started around 12:30. We went until 6 and had dinner together and played volleyball after. It was the funnest thing ever. Then we all had breakfast at the mission home Saturday morning and got supplies at the mission office and then we headed back to our areas. We rode with the Chambersburg elders and we stopped at MONTEZUMAS for lunch. 
I love MLC. 

The last thing I'm going to write about (because we don't have very much time today) is transfers and all the crazy madness that's been going on.
So first off, the thing that I wasn't supposed to write about last week I can write about now. Some crazy stuff is happening in our area! So, like I've said, we cover two wards here. The Hanover ward and the Gettysburg ward. We have a set of elders working with us in the Gettysburg ward, and a set of elders and the Clarksons (the senior couple) working with us in the Hanover ward. Well, since the number of missionaries has gone down drastically, we have to close a lot of areas in our mission. So they ended up closing the elders in Hanover. So I was pretty sad about that. Then, they ended up taking us out of Gettysburg as well. So now we're working exclusively in the Hanover ward. 
Well. That transition was already crazy enough for us to handle without Sister Jones getting transferred out. SHE'S LEAVING ME. 
And now I don't know what I'm going to do. 
Honestly I don't know what SHE'S going to do. She's doubling into a new area (which means that all of the missionaries currently serving in her area are taken out, and she's going to be going in blind with a new missionary.) Not to mention that new missionary is going to be a trainee. 
She's pretty much a superstar. 

But anyway. This week is really ridiculous and I don't know what the future holds... So stay tuned for next week! 

Also we recorded a song this week that I wrote a couple transfers ago and Sister Clarkson posted it on facebook so we're just waiting for that to go viral ;) 

Well I love you all! 

Ps - Happy Happy Birthday to Marche, Madi sue sue, Chase, and my sweet Grandma Johnson and Grandmpa Lamoreaux. I love each of you.

Happy Belated birthday to my wonderful Mamma! I love you and I feel just awful for forgetting to add you in my email last week. I hope you got your birthday card. Love you! 

I love each of you! 

Hermana Bills