Monday, September 21, 2015

Wake me up when September Ends

Okay this is really embarrassing. Like to the point where I don't even want to write about it, it's that embarrassing...
Oh, wait, that wasn't what I was talking about!

I know I said last week that I'd have a longer email this week because more things would happen. Unfortunately, I feel like I can't remember a lot of things that happened this week...

...Why is that??

oh yeah, I remember. 

Because I got a flippin concussion, that's why. 

I am seriously so embarrassed about this, I don't want to write it. The more I tell the story, the stupider it sounds. Plus my head is still a little bit fuzzy and so I can't really think straight haha. 

Alright. I just have to face the facts that I do stupid things and that my stories are going to be stupid. 

So last Monday. A week ago today. We were having a family home evening with this cute spanish family. Johnathan and Yaritza have been married and baptized for just about two years now. They have two of the cutest kids in the whole world. I love spending time with their family. So we were having family home evening with them, and all the sudden Johnathan pulls out this white handbook and he was like saying something and telling a joke and we were laughing. Then I asked, "So, is that your white handbook? Where did you serve your mission?" 
And then I realized what a dumb question that was, since he'd only been a member for two years, so how would he ever have served a mission? So my face went bright red and I tried to hide my face behind the couch (because I was sitting on the floor) and I accidentally smacked my head on the side of this dumb metal table that I didn't even realize was there. So now I was even more embarrassed but I just tried to laugh it off because it was just... really awkward. But seriously my head just started reeling and I got this giant lump almost immediately and I had to just take a step back from everything. I didn't want to say anything, so they just kept going with the lesson. MY head was hurting so bad. When we got home I had like a mach 5 migraine and I was just done for the night. We planned for the next day and I went straight for my bed - no brushing teeth, no jam jams, no washing my face. Nothing. I slept the whole night and through studies in the morning. When I woke up, I ran to the bathroom and just dry heaved over the toilet for like 20 minutes and just cried. I was so dizzy and nauseous and my vision was blurred. It was awful. I told the sisters and they called Sister Johnson. I remember feeling like really confused and like irritable. The mission doctor called, and I talked to him for a while. He told me to go back to sleep. 

I slept a lot. 

For like 3 days. 

I remember periodically waking up throughout the day and feeling confused. Sometimes I thought I was in American Fork, sometimes I thought I was staying in a random hotel... I thought I was in like all these different places.

Wednesday night was the worst. I tried to get out because we were so bored in that little apartment, but that ended up being a really bad idea. We were driving home and I seriously felt like I was going to lose it. I told myself that if I just took deep breaths, I could make it back to the apartment. 
Well the elders dropped us off, and I was waiting while Sister Canseco was backing them, and I knew I couldn't wait anymore. So I ran to a nearby bush and just started puking. Well not really puking, it wasn't actually that bad. But anyway. The elders started freaking out and they said we needed to go to the ER. I said I was fine, I just wanted to go to sleep. We called Sister Johnson, she said we didn't need to go to the ER, but if we wanted to find a MedXpress we could do that. So we tried to find one, but they said they couldn't do anything for a concussion cause they didn't have any equipment or something. I don't remember. I was crying in the back seat. 

We ended up just going home. 
Luckily I'm feeling a LOT better right now. The worst seems to be over. 

In other news, Elder Stanfill from the quorum of the 70 came to visit our mission. We had a big half mission meeting on Friday with all of the people that I love and I was seriously so happy. It was so fun and amazing, and so spiritually uplifting. Sister Stanfill was seriously the biggest answer to my prayers. There have been so many things I'm struggling with or have questions on, and she just answered all of my prayers. She rocks. It was a great day. 

Then yesterday there was a big fireside for the Harrisburg zone, and President Johnson asked that everyone from Lancaster zone attend, so we got to go and I SAW SO MANY PEOPLE FROM LEBANON WARD! I saw Joe and I saw Sebastian and I saw the Gards and the Behunins and the Boggs and the Johnsons and the Laudermilch's and....
It was literally the celesital kingdom up in that hizzle. 
Then we got up to sing the closing song and everything was amazing because it was the EFY medley and wow. 
That was something else. 
As a missionary, you get to feel the spirit pretty strongly, and pretty frequently. But I have not felt the spirit THAT strong for a long time. That was amazing. 
I was just crying... being able to see all those people that I love. I remember kneeling and saying my prayer and thanking the Lord for the people that I have met on my mission and for how incredibly blessed I've been and how grateful I am that He sent me out here... I am the luckiest girl alive. 

I love this mission. So much. 

Love, Hermana Bills