Monday, September 15, 2014

Not a Creature was Stirring. . .

Except for the mouse. 

This week, the most exciting event was the arrival of mice to our apartment. #notcool. It's been getting colder and colder. I don't think that we're going to have a fall season out here in Pennsylvania. I guess it's just going to go straight to winter. So the mice started making their way into our house. At first, Sister Tolman told me that she saw one run across the floor. But I didn't believe her because she said it went under her bed and there was nothing there. But when we woke up the next day and her bad of bagels had been nibbled through, I knew I had to take action. So we went to our local Walmart to get a couple of sturdy mouse traps. I'd never set one before in my life so it took me a while to figure out how to get the kill bar to stay... but after I set that first one, it was a breeze. So we set four and left the apartment for a dinner appointment. When we came back, 
 I was horrified. There was blood all over! I didn't know there was going to be blood! We cleaned up really well and had a funeral for the mouse. He was a good man. I seriously felt like the Lamanites or something! So wild and ferocious. Bloodthirsty. Killer. Murderer. 

But then that was over. 

In other news, we went shopping last pday for Sister Tolman. It was rough because I don't like shopping but I knew that she wanted to go so I tried to act excited. She got a couple new things. It's hard sometimes wearing the same things over and over but I guess it's better than proselyting naked. Ha. Today we have plans to go for a bike ride down a path. Some of the trees are changing colors so maybe I'll get some good pictures! 

We had the awesome opportunity to attend zone conference this week and it was seriously incredible! I love my zone so much. We got to listen to a bunch of speakers and play games and be with other missionaries from two other zones. We saw our monthly numbers for our zone and for the whole mission. The Lord truly is hastening His work! I got a little emotional because our STL is leaving at the end of this week and so she gave her goodbye testimony. I love her so much! She's such a good girl and an awesome missionary. 
After the conference was over, a bunch of missionaries went to Infinito's Pizza in Harrisburg. It's like Pizza Pie Cafe except not as good. We all got to sit for an hour and chat and get to know each other and talk about our investigators and stuff. It was awesome. It's so refreshing to be with other missionaries sometimes! :) 
For zone conference we had to have our cars inspected and so I learned how to check tire pressure and felt like a major boss! Our car was awesome and we passed the inspection with flying colors. We also found out that I am allowed to drive next transfer "until Sister Tolman thinks that I am a capable and comfortable driver". Haha. So only one more week and then I can start driving around. That will be nice. I won't be as afraid for my life ;) 

Our work in Lebanon this week was awesome. We had 4 new investigators! 
The first was a couple - S. and M. I've never met people who were more prepared for the gospel. M. grew up Catholic but some of the doctrines just didn't make sense to me. When we were talking to him about baptism and the restoration and everything, it was all just clicking so well! He was like "Oh yeah! That makes SO much more sense than the Catholic church." So we're hoping that they will choose to be married so they can both be baptized. We are going to see them tomorrow night. They're super nice. 
Our next investigator is a Spanish speaker! Yay! He's the cutest old man. He reminds Sister Tolman of her teacher in the MTC. His name is H. He came to church yesterday and was a little skeptical. He told us that he'd gone to churches before and just didn't think it was for him. But he ended up staying all three hours and before he left he said, "Will you find someone to pick me up and bring me to church EVERY week?" It was so cool! 
Our next investigator is Y. S. She is really cool and we set her with a baptismal date and everything. But for some reason I think she thinks that we are a welfare program or something. She just moved here from New York and she was asking us to give her food and furniture. So we'll see what happens with her next week when she realizes that that's not something that we're allowed to do. She was really receptive to the lesson, though. And we know she felt the Spirit. So it will be interesting to see. :) She's so funny. 

S. is still doing well. He's progressing and still coming to church every Sunday and keeping his commitments. He is right on track to be baptized next month! He's our golden investigator. 

I'll leave you guys with two funny stories from this week. The first was from tracting. We were just walking around Lebanon, OYMing people, trying to get referrals and maybe potential investigators. We talked to this guy named Henry outside of a Hookah bar for about 10 minutes about prophets and he said he'd stop by our church some time. So as we were continuing on down 8th street, there was a group of guys and they asked us what we were doing. Normally I would have just kept going, cause some people can be pretty iffy out here. But the Spirit was just like, "Invite ALL to come unto Christ." So we talked to them about Jesus Christ for about 15 minutes. They told us that they thought we were cool. Then one guy went into his shop and brought us out these diet cokes that said "Go-Getters". He said, "You girls get these because none of my cans say 'hermana' and you are definitely go-getters! Preach the good word, girls!" It was so funny! They were really nice. They didn't want to have us teach them about the gospel, but it was still a good conversation. And free diet coke! I felt like Taylor Swift!

The last story was just kind of really cool and helped me realize how serious this whole missionary business really is. ;) We were walking to our car from an appointment that had just fallen through and there was this old man standing on the side of the road. I decided that I'd stop and offer him a pass along card. I told him that we'd love to teach him about Christ's restored gospel on the earth today. He answered with, "Oh honey. I know all about Christ. I'm a minister." and he pulls out his ministerial certificate and is all proud and stuff. I got all excited and I was like, "Oh my gosh! That's so cool. We're ministers, too!" Haha his face when Sister Tolman and I pulled out OUR certificates.... money can't buy things like that, folks. Priceless. 
So we just had a conversation with him for a little while and he finally did accept the pass along card and we told him we'd come volunteer at the Salvation army. But I can't forget the feeling that it was just us three ministers, chatting on the sidewalk. 
Like... I'm a minister. Called to preach to the Lord's children. I don't know... it really hit me hard right then. It was really cool. 

The gospel is so true and really awesome! I was learning about miracles this morning and realized that there are so many miracles all around us that we take for granted sometimes! The Lord blesses us so incredibly. I love Him.

I love y'all! Have a good week! 

This spider rode on the windshield for
about 30 minutes! So funny!
Home sweet home!