Thursday, July 10, 2014

Its Not Even Warm In Mexico!

Hermana Bills here, reporting from the CCM!

First off, I finally know why missionaries never write about the MTC or tell you anything about it. THEY CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER. I feel like I've been here for three months. Seriously by the end of my 6 weeks here I'm going to feel like I've already served my 18 months, so I'll probably just head on home. No one really needs me in Pittsburgh, right?

Just kidding.

  It's the coolest thing when the teachers here tell us about how we represent Jesus Christ and how we need to be our best selves. Here's an intimidating quote for you guys, "You don't need to be a good missionary on your first day out in the field. You have to be a perfect missionary. You have to be the best missionary you're ever going to be right from day one."
So. No pressure or anything.

We do a lot of Nacho Libre quoting here in district 15D. Our favorite is "Get that corn outta my face" whenever they serve corn in the comedor. 

July 4 was pretty awesome. I was super stinking homesick though. I missed the motherland. But they made us bbq sandwiches and french fries and corn on the cob and all sorts of other wonderful American foods, and all the sisters dressed in red white and blue and then we all stood in the cafeteria and sang the national anthem and don't you even doubt that I was shedding manly tears for the country I love. 

I miss you guys.

I'm so freaking lucky to serve stateside. 

Okay here are some random happenings in no particular order.

My compañeras is Hermana Stoddard. She's from Utah and she´ll serve in Seattle. She has a great dimple in her left cheek.

We study Spanish with this program called TALL which stands for technology assisted language learning. But on the first day, our teacher was asking us what we thought it stood for and I said, "Talkin all the lovely languages!!!" and Hermano Garza (our maestro) looked at me with so much disappointment. Like I have never seen so much disappointment on anyone's face before. 

Most people don't know what to do with me. Like, our roommates seriously just can't even deal sometimes. Cause I kinda don't have a filter... so I say things that just throw them off guard. We wont' go into detail. 

ALSO. Can we just take a moment to discuss the birds?
So flirtatious. Like they always tryna get the ladies. They flap their little wings and puff up and strut around. It is THE greatest source of entertainment I have ever experienced.

The rain is FABULOSO.

 It dumps rain every single day. I mean, I'm kinda disappointed cause I'm in Mexico and it's like 40 degrees, but... I also can't complain cause "rain is a good thang." The thunder is so loud, and there's always like this brilliant lightning. so pretty.

Mexico is ranky stanky. There's always an awkward smell.
It´s probably from all the beans.
I can't even handle all the beans that we have been eating. 

There is this virus going around right now in Mexico that gives you massive bathroom consequences, so you're not allowed to shake hands with ANYONE. so funny. 

Also, I was thinking the other day in my class about how Christ is like the bridge bot on Ratchet and Clank. If you guys don't get this reference, I'm so sorry for the loss of your childhood. but anyway, Christ gets us across gaps that we can never handle by ourselves. His church exists for that purpose. I'm constantly amazed by how much I learn every single day out here. I thought I was pretty smart when it comes to doctrine and church stuff. But there's always something else.
Line upon line, yo's.

Also, I'm so emotional. I cry about everything. Someone is like, "Hermana, your skirt looks ravishing" and I just bust out in tears like "Oh my gosh thank you so much how are you people all so nice"
No but legit. I'm like a little black rain cloud.

Okay let's talk about my district. They are my family. I love them so stinking much. 

We've got Elder Cates and Elder Lundgren. Elder Lundgren is going to Pittsburgh with me. He's really short and nice. Elder Cates is the funniest person alive, probably. He makes us all laugh so hard. Then there's Elder Monson and Elder Shin. Elder Shiiiiinnnn is the coolest guy ever. He is 22 and a recent convert to the church. He's our district leader and he's so nice and puts up with all this youngblood in such an admirable way. Then there´s Elder Ellis and Elder Thompson. Elder Ellis is such a sweetheart. He's in love with this girl and he thinks she's the one and it's so tender. Then we've got Elder Wells and Elder Jensen. They have major strugs with the language but I can't wait for miracles to happen for them because they are so faithful and try so hard. and then there's the other set of sisters... Hermana Burnham is the funniest lady. I love her. She has the best laugh and she's just like me. We have the exact same kind of humor. She's a winner. And then ASHLEY MEADS. 

HERMANA MEADS IS IN MY DISTRICT. What are the odds that that would happen. And yet, here we are. I'm so stinking pleased.
But like I said, my district is amazing. We always end every night by standing in a circle and singing a hymn in Spanish. sometimes it's a struggle because of the language. But we do it anyway. and then we pray as a district. 

I'm loving it here. It was super hard the first couple of days. On our second day, we had to teach an investigator. I can barely speak the language and they expect me to teach? But it was awesome how the Spirit can still be there, even if you're speaking in completely broken Spanish. And good news! We committed him to baptism yesterday.
I mean, he's just one of the teachers acting and pretending to be an investigator, but the questions and the lessons are real and legitimate. Way cool. 

Anyway, as a representative of our Savior Jesus Christ, I just want to leave you all with my testimony that this is His church, and we are His disciples. I love Him so much, you guys. I have had doubts in my life... probably more than my fair share. But I KNOW that He lives and adores me. I don't want to be the only one who feels that way. I want to find His children who feel lost or doubtful and to SMOTHER them in His love, because I know it will change them forever in the way it has changed me. Representing someone who lived a perfect life is an enormous responsibility, but I can feel Him daily, strengthening me and magnifying my good attributes and cutting out the bad. I am seriously so blessed to be out here. Thank you for your prayers and for your support. The work moves forward! 

I'm sorry if I forgot anything, I tried my best, but they don't give us a lot of time. So, I'll talk to y'all again in one week!! 

 Hermana Bills

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