Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Representative by Hermana Brittani Bills

The Representative
By Hermana Brittani Bills

So very far away from home, 1,000 miles at best
The trip was long and tiring and I'm ready for a rest 
I take my first step off the bus into the MTC
And say a little prayer to ask the Lord to strengthen me.
I'm feeling sort of awkward... What am I supposed to do? 
The elders grab the luggage; do I help them get it, too?
Then a lady comes out smiling and helps to calm my fear
"Oh hermanas! Nice to meet you. It's so good to have you here."
I walk into a building with a smile now on my face.
The Spirit of my Lord is here. I'm happy in this place. 
Then they hand to me my nametag and I've never felt so blessed
When I took my Savior's name and I put it on my chest.

The weeks are like the lightning: They're there, you blink, they're gone
And yet somehow days pass slowly like a long and lazy yawn 
There's so much here to learn and do, so much to read and write
The Spirit fills our hearts with peace and fills our minds with light
The scriptures make more sense to me than they ever have before
And when I pray for answers, Christ opens up the door
In my life, I swear I've never cried as much as I do here
I feel God's love so powerfully and they are happy tears
I've felt His will become my own as my heart to Him is turned
I've eaten from the tree of life and this pearl of price I've learned
I never have to be alone, I'm never walking blind
When I take my Savior's words of life and put them in my mind. 

This life is so much different from the way I lived before
I'm here to find my family who are craving something more
I'm learning how to find them, how to serve them day by day
I know the Lord will help me if I have faith and pray
I think about them often, about their friends, their passions, lives
They're all a part of something. They are children, fathers, wives.
I pray they might be happy and have strength in all they do 
That their blessings may be many and their trials may be few
I feel my Savior's love for them as day by day I learn 
How I'll help them feel the love of Christ and to his arms return
I'm just a girl, I can't do much but I start to do my part
When I take my Savior's endless love and put it in my heart.

A member of the church of Christ and a missionary
They say I represent Him and that like Him I must be
I'm told to ask for faith and hope and charity and love
An eye single to the glory of my Father up above.
So I try my hardest every day to be obedient
But I often think it's just too hard and all my strength is spent
My Savior was a perfect man, can I hope to be like HIM?
Can I be a light for others when the way seems dark and dim? 
All I know is Christ's my shepherd and He wants me to succeed
Which is why He chose to die for us: chose to suffer, chose to bleed
I understand Christ's love for me and the power of His grace
When I know my Savior's countenance and see it in my face. 

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