Monday, June 15, 2015

Hago lo Que Quiero


I don't even know what to say. I don't know how long this email is going to be because the space button on this dumb keyboard makes this super annoying squeaking sound every time I press down and so... I don't know how long my sanity will be able to hold out. #publiclibraryproblems

There are no words to describe this week. 
Well maybe there's one.
In every good way. 

So recently in our mission we got ipads, right? Well. Part of the ipad deal is that we have this app called "the AreaBook Planner" with all of the information about the people that we teach and whatnot. The name "AreaBook Planner" is a derivative from two greek roots "Area Book" and "Daily Planner" which are useful tools that missionaries used anciently to further the work of the Lord. 
So unfortunately many hours this week were spent transferring records from the hard copies of our actual paper area books into our online area books. Luckily, we have voice command and so we could just speak what was written and it did most of the work for us... but let me just tell you about some of the prime corrections that had to be made this week... 
Actually I'm not really going to tell you. I'm just going to leave that to your own imagination.

The frustrating thing is that since our branch is brand new, we're not really entered into the things aren't working the way they're meant to. Every time we enter new people in and then we synch our devices, our investigators and less active members go to the elders proselyting area and so we can't even access them... #newbranchprobs

But it's worth it because the branch is so incredible. The gospel is so much more true in Spanish.  Yesterday, we sustained our new Relief Society president! So now we officially have a branch presidency and a relief society president! 
But seriously... she stood up and we sustained her and I started crying! Who knew I was such a crybaby. But I'm just so happy to see that these people I already love SO much organizing this little branch that means so much to them! We had about 13 or 14 more people here this week than we did last week so that was amazing! And we are working super hard! The best thing about the branch is that we meet at 12-3 and so we can literally walk around Lancaster all morning and just invite random people to come with us to church. Nobody actually came, but several of them agreed to meet with us later this week! It's so awesome! People are so much nicer on Sundays. 

Will He Ever Come  Michael McClain. Listen to it. Love it. 

Sue Fischer's Baptism
Sue Fischer got baptized!! Hermana Tolman and I taught this woman for a bazillion years when we were in Lebanon together. SO now that we're back together in Lancaster, it was close enough for a member to come pick us up and take us to the baptism. It was the coolest day of my life, being back in Lebanon. What a blessing. She was so happy to see us.  

*Finally met the new district this Wednesday. They are flawless. We all have district callings. Mine is "Plan of Salvation events coordinator" So I'm in charge of funerals and births. (ie - Elder Howard just came out into the mission, so I'm throwing him a baby shower. and Hermana Tolman and Elder Watkins are going home in 4 weeks so I'm in charge of the funeral). It is so much fun. We send each other missionary memes all the time. It's excellent. I would send them to you guys... I just don't know if you'd get them or if they'd be as funny to you. So I'm selfishly keeping them to myself. 

*Wanted to curb stomp someone for telling my companion off. Had to reign in my anger. Still praying for forgiveness on that one. 

*Went to an Amish store on pday. They sold Amish stuff. We didn't get any cause... we ain't Amish. 
*Finished my Spanish program on Duolingo. Gotta start practicing from the grammar book again, I guess. 

*Had FHE with the Knarr family. What kind of awesome last name is that. PLUS, Brother Knarr is the long lost identical twin of Brother Fairbanks, my orthodontist. Crazy. 
Anywhoozies. I'm having a great time here in Lancaster. It is so wonderful to be able to use my Spanish every day. What a blessing. I am so grateful to be a part of this work and to each of you for supporting me. I have the best support group ever. 

A special Happy Birthday goes out to Chloe Johnson who is awesome and also now 20 years old. You rock.
Anyone else having a birthday that I may have forgotten, please don't hate me. I love you all and I send you the happiest birthday wishes you could ever imagine. 

And my special love goes out to my dear best friend Courtney and her fine beau Jake for prepping to tie the knot this Thursday. You kids are incredible and I hope you have the best eternity ever. I wish I could be there but I'll be loving you both from afar. 
you are wonderful. 

To everyone else: You are so loved. by God and by me :) Thank you for all that you do...

Here's to another great week as a missionary! 

Hermana Bills 

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