Thursday, January 1, 2015

Well, It's Definitely Winter!

You're awesome. Be happy 

Every week with Hermana Landa gets better and better. We are best friends and I love her to infinity and beyond. We have so much fun. She is also the hardest worker. I admire her beyond all description. She is teaching me so much. 

I had been struggling this week as a trainer. Feeling really inadequate and kind of blaming myself for stupid mistakes and such. It was really self-destructive. I was talking to the STL's one night on the phone and telling them about how I felt, and seeking guidance. One of the sweet sisters explained to me how trainers are picked - the AP's and the President fast and pray before choosing the trainers. It's a very spiritual process. It really is the Lord who calls people to train. 
Having that knowledge has really strengthened me as I try to combat the negative feelings coming in from the Adversary. I know that this is what the Lord wants, and if it's what He wants then it's what I'll do. 
"I'll be what you want me to be..." 

This week I finished a journal and started another one! I write a lot. I want to be able to remember everything when I get back home and I just don't know if the weekly letters will be enough for me. I'm kind of greedy. My memory is also not the best, so I know I will forget the bulk of the things which are not written. And so, I write. 

We had zone training this week which was awesome. We learned about how to better work with the ward. Our Bishop wants the main focus of our work right now to be in Retention and Reactivation, so we are focusing on less actives and recent converts. As we do what the bishop asks, I know that he will trust us more and more, the ward will improve, and we will receive blessings for doing things the Lord's way. Awesome how that works, right? 

Our investigator Joe has been progressing really well. I actually just saw him a few minutes ago, he is in the library reading some books. He's a funny guy. He loves to chat with us and he adores the Gospel Principles manual. We are still struggling to get him more interested in the Book of Mormon . He is working towards his baptismal date and he LOVES coming to church, which is incredible. He says the gospel brings him peace. 
We have Sebastian fellow-shipping him and kind of taking charge. It's good that he's in a position of responsibility in the ward now. I told him that falling away is not an option. He said I don't need to worry ;) He has passed the sacrament the last two weeks. He is reading in his scriptures and making friends in the ward. He is such a good kid. He is the biggest blessing in my life. 
Waleska is also doing really well. She is preparing to go to the temple some time soon. We're so excited for her. 

Merv is doing really well on cutting back his beers every night. I am still struggling to feel motivated to exercise in the morning. If anyone has any good tips, I welcome every single one of them! PLEASE! 

Matt is doing so well. He's going through a crazy amount of stuff right now but he still just feels his faith growing and growing. He says that he knows there are NO coincidences, and that everything happens for a reason. He tells us all the time how grateful he is to be headed down the right path. He is incredible. He's come so far. 

This week we were blessed to attend the Relief Society Christmas party. It was a little early, I know. But it was so touching. The theme was "Angels among us" and they had people reading off anonymous experiences of simple service. It was so touching. I'm such a baby at those types of things. I cry all the time. I just love it when people choose to follow Christ and choose to be changed. Service is so fun and awesome and I love when other people express gratitude for service they have received from others because it is so tender. 

A member family took Hermana Landa and I out to eat at La Placita. It's authentic Mexican food and it makes me grin like nothing else. You should all come to Lebanon JUST to eat there. Plus there's this little Mexican man that works there and he is a hoot. So that was a highlight from this week. 

The work is going so well here in Lebanon! Although sometimes I struggle to know where to go and what to do, I feel so close to the Lord and I know he is helping us out here. 

We have so many funny stories. I will try to remember to tell some of them next week! I'm having so much fun!

Thank you, everyone, for your love and support. I hope you feel mine for you as well. You are incredible people! 


-Hermana Bills

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